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The best baby carrier

If you’re reading here, it means that you, like me, eventually asked yourselves which is the best and safest baby carrier of all.
If you’re lucky you’re thinking about it in advance and you still didn’t buy any. If you didn’t think in advance, maybe you bought one and you had a bad experience with it and now you know exactly what you want and what you don’t want.
I will try to share my personal experience and my opinions.

I think that, in their first months, babies should lie down in order not to damage their spinal column.
This is the reason why the great majority of baby carriers where not interesting for me, being that they’re suited for babies between 0 and 5 months and they suppose that the baby is wrapped vertically.
I then started using ‘40 settimane‘.
I must say that I liked it in the beginning. It seemed to be exactly what I wanted: my son could come around with me wrapped horizontally.
Unfortunately it’s so difficult and uncomfortable to use that me and my son became soon annoyed by it.

After a few months I read a book. Here the link to the italian edition: Portare i piccoli 2° edizione: 35 (Il bambino naturale). I suggest this book to anyone interested in this topic. In it you will find elements of anatomy of a child, usage of baby wraps in different cultures and description of the different kinds of baby wraps available.
I then started looking for the right baby wrap for me based on what I learnt.
The author describes very well the natural position of a baby when carried and she explains how the baby is equipped by evolution in order to be good in holding onto the person carrying him. Their legs has even a different shape, well suited for embracing.
There are many baby wraps respecting the natural position of babies but most of them seemed to me uncomfortable and difficult to use.
Eventually I found ErgoBaby!



You can use it starting from 6Kg (when their back is strong enough) till 18Kg and you can carry your baby on the front or on your back or on one side.
Your kid will be tightened to you with his knees up and his back down in the most comfortable position for him/her.
We immediately bought it and our son adored it. Ergobaby baby wrap is weared like a small backpack with a belt on your hips. You will lay down easily you’re son in it and he immediately will enjoy and…often he will fall asleep.

The baby’s weight will be on your hips and not on your back. So you can have long walks without any trouble to your back.
Even my 45Kg wife can bring a 14Kg toddler without any problem.


Thanks to Ergobaby we walked for hours enjoying mountain trekking without any concern.
Double front pocket: the orizontal one contains a headrest for your baby.
Waterproof headrest, useful to sleep and when it rains.









Recently we had a second son and we found out that Ergobaby sells an adapter for newborn babies, approved from 3.5Kg. I keep thinking that it’s not a good idea to carry newborns in a vertical position but…sometimes, for short distances, it’s the only solution.
We found it very useful and helped with our new son who is a terrible one! Ergobaby helped calming him down.

Ergobaby Adapter

My final word is that Ergobaby is the best choice and, as today, all my friends who listened to my suggestion are satisfied and happy with Ergobaby baby carrier.

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