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The best baby bath tub

As far as baby baths are concerned, I’m pretty sure about what to suggest: the Tummy Tub baby tub.
Since when my wife was in the hospital after our son’s birth, I noticed a picture of a Tummy Tub and I read its description and usage.
I talked with my wife but me and her were not completely persuaded. So we chose to give a try to a ‘classical’ tub at first. We tried two of them: an inflatable one and a very expensive one by Ok Baby. With both of them we had no success: our son kept being half under the water and half exposed to cold air. We tried adding more water but he almost drowned. Two persons were needed in order to wash him properly and he always cried and got cold.
We then bought a Tummy Tub and immediately all those problems disappeared.
We’re still using it now with our second child who is a very suspicious baby. Even with him the Tummy Tub has been a great success!
For those who don’t know it the Tummy Tub is a bath tub with the shape of a bucket but with a counterweight at the bottom and an indicator for the right water level.

The water keeps being warm for a long time and our kids would stay there for hours. They say that kids feel like in the womb in there. I don’t know if it’s true but both my children appeared to feel very comfortable.
Our Alessandro was so relaxed in there that once he fell asleep in it!
It’s important to read carefully the instructions and always keep a hand under his chin until he is not old enough to keep up his head on his own.

When Alessandro and Andrea were 3 months old they laughed and enjoyed the bath in a really contagious way.

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