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The best bed for my son

At the very moment in which we had to choose a bed for Alessandro I received a clever advice from a friend of mine. She suggested me to buy one with at least one completely flippable side!

I then looked for beds with at least this feature.

Few of them satisfied this request: many had a movable side with two fixed positions:

1- completely up

2- mid-height

Few of them had a side that could completely disappear below the bed. This feature allows:

– you to lay beside your son/daughter when he/she is scared or simply wants you to stay close to him/her. You can lay your head next to him/her

– him/her to climb on the bed on his/her own when he/she will be able to do it

– let you lean your baby on the bed when he/she fell asleep somewhere else.

Other features I suggest to look for in a bed are:

1) a drawer below the bed, just to gain a little bit of room for linen

2) tough wheels, possibly with wheel locks

We eventually chose a bed by FoppaPedretti with one side completely flippable thanks to their patented mechanism.

When you pull up the side the mechanism is a little bit noisy. They should have solved this issue before patenting the mechanims, in my opinion.

It’s not a big issue, after all. I mean that our son never woke up because of that little noise.

It’s easy to move the bed because the wheels are resistant and tough. The drawer is spacious and can fit easily linen and towels.

The bed has a little toy on one side made up of a set of colourful wheels. Alessandro enjoyed it and learned the colours with those wheels.

We chose it based on “value for money” analysis. It was the less expensive between those that guaranteed a certain quality of materials and having the functionalities I described in this post.

The bed we bought is the model named: Rollino.

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