Does it work?


Do you know what a ‘working-dad’ is?

Long ago it was believed to be a myth. Conversely it is a very common subspecies of human being.
The ‘working-dad’ distinguishing peculiarities are:

1) he lives in a home with one or more noisy, 3 feet tall humans
2) as the name of the subspecies suggests he works (often for few bucks)
3) he usually needs the approval of a working-mom for every important decision. That specific working-mom usually lives in the same house.
4) it can happen that the working-dad owns more interests than time to spend with them

Well, I belong to this subspecies and I enjoy sharing opinions and experiences with the people around me.

I’m convinced that learning is key to survival for us as human beings and as organized communities of persons and I’m convinced that we learn more when we are not alone.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, we spend less and less time discussing and searching our own values and our own whys, dreams and desires.
The reasons can be different for anyone of us but a common side effect is that a cloud of raw thoughts crowds our minds. Those thoughts risk to just stay there not expressed.

Some of us, including me, feel the urge to share them and to look for someone else to challenge our thoughts and opinions.

Lately, thanks to the new challenges represented by a couple of toddlers shouting and running around in my home, I reminded how much I care about creating connections with people and build on each other reasoning.

I revamped my blog in a urge to share values and enthusiasm with the people around me in a continuous quest for improvement.

Blogging is part of how I answer to my need of starting conversations. I use to blog about Software development, “Agile” topics and Kids.