Do you know what a ‘working-dad’ is?

The ‘working-dad’ is an existing type of human being. In past times they believed it was a myth. Conversely it is a very common subspecies.
The ‘working-dad’ distinguishing peculiarities are:

1) he lives in a home with one or more noisy, 3 feet tall humans
2) he works (often for few bucks)
3) he usually needs the approval of a female for every important decision. That woman usually lives in the same house.
4) he’s got more interests than time to spend with them

Since I belong to this species, I could not survive without the help of other people and their suggestions. At the same time I’m willing to share my experiences and the solutions I adopted.

I’m convinced that learning is the only way to live our lives and I’m convinced that we learn better when we are not alone.

As time goes by we spend less and less time talking and discussing with friends, searching our own values and our own whys, dreams and desires.
We end up accepting the fact that our lives are changed and impose a rhytm.
No matter how. What happens is that there’s a cloud of raw thoughts not expressed and there’s the need to share them and challenge them.

We gradually lose the ability to face challenges together with other people. We loose the ability to build a future together!

Lately, after a couple of toddlers started shouting and laughing in my home, I realized that it is essential for me to care about the persons in my life.
I’m convinced now that we need to struggle to share positive values and enthusiasm with people around us.

The goal is to build a sort of team of people helping each other with strong bonds.

In the past, when I wanted to share what I learned together with the people around me I blogged about it.

I always talked about simple things like:

– Software development

– Parenting and survival tricks for Dads

– Agile Software development

– Cooperative games, Serious gaming and bare games

In this blogs’ sections I collected all the topics and I will share everything I think can be useful to someone.