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Prioritize Correctly with Impact Mapping – Review and Mindmap

Great book providing the ultimate receipt for effective Product Ownership.

The author, Gojco Adzitc, illustrates us how to identify the desired actions related to our product.
Impact mapping is about visual management and about helping people to focus on the first things first.

What an impact map is – from the first chapter:

“An impact map is a visualization of scope and underlying assumptions, created collaboratively by senior technical and business people”

The idea is to drive the product roadmap definition via clearly expressed goals.
We will use Impact Maps to facilitate our internal stakeholders and Product team to start with the: Why? – the goal that we want to achieve.

Once we have a clearly expressed goal we can identify the Actors (Who) and the way in which they can help us achieve our goal (How).

Only after having all these information in place we can start talking about the: What.

All of this can be lay out visually and collaboratively with the help of Impact Maps.

Once said it is like the ‘egg of Columbus‘ but I’m pretty sure that most of you experienced a process that goes exactly in the opposite direction. Didn’t you?

Every single page in this book is important!
You won’t find a 280 pages book that could be easily zipped and still convey the same result.
You will find a very focused book instead – easy to read and taking advantage of visualization to better explain concepts.
Easy to understand examples are presented and will drive you from theory to practice.

Upon closing it you will be ready to use impact mapping in your own projects.

I attach here a mindmap of the book. It cannot replace reading the book but I hope it can help as a reminder after having read it.
You can find it in image format as well as in the miMind mindmap format.

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