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The Best Balance Bike

During last Spring, when my son was 2 years and 6 months old, a friend of mine talked to me about balance bikes.
I already had noticed few of them in toys shops but I had considered them no more than toys.
When my friend talked to me I realized, instead, that many other models existed that were not toys at all.
All the opposite: they where real bikes, specifically thought to help babies learn to balance on two wheels without the pedals being an impediment.
To cut a long story short, I had a quick look at the web and I very soon found the following website:

Here you can find reviews of almost all the most famous bike models. You will find there also comparative tables.
It’s not only a matter of technical details but of pragmatic evaluation of pros and cons of each model by experimenting
with bikes and kids.
My choice has been very easy, starting from the reviews on this website: I bought a FirstBike.

The pros of this balance bike are, as shown in detail in that website:

– The frame is not metal nor wood so it does not suffer of climate exposure (neither rain nor sun)
– bolts are recessed into the frame so there’s no risk of kids being scratched by exposed bolts.
– easy to adjust saddle height without any tool
– wheels equipped with air tires. The model I chose (special edition) comes with “Big Apple” tires
– ergonomic saddle
– optional brake possible
– good turning limiter does not subtracts to maneouvrability
– the lack of foot rests drive kids to explore the roundings instead of simply run a short distance and rest the foots.

Alessandro at 2,5 years on his FirstBike traveled safely the road and offroad

You must be careful and measure your kid’s inseam because the FirstBike comes with minimum seat height of 14 inches. For smaller kids you need to buy the lowering kit. Read the minimum suggested height before buying (14 inches).

With the ‘Lowering Kit’ the minimum seat height goes down to 12 inches.
I did not need it so I cannot tell you anything about it.

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