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Cooperative Games for Kids and Toddlers

What about Kids on YouTube videos? What about Cooperation? And what about Games?

I am not writing articles related to Kids since a while but that part of my life is still prevalent. Yet the world of Agile Software Development and my involvement in the world of Scrum Masters drive me to write about related topics but the learning path that I am following thanks to my kids is somehow related to my professional life.

Specifically with this post I want to share with everybody a side project that I am following with my 2 sons (Alessandro 9 years old and Andrea 6 years old)

I am passionate about Board Games in my private life and in serious gaming in my Professional life.

Both paths led me to value much “Cooperation” over “Competition”!

Our culture focus a lot on individual success and on Competiton, no matter what. The outcome of this is that Kids and adults alike learn very well about competition but very little or not at all about Collaboration.

For this reason I started playing with my kids two a series of Cooperative Games. In such games, kids are not playing competing between each other but they need to play together in order to achieve a common goal. Being it a villain or a positive outcome they need to obtain, I see much value on enabling this kind of learning.

Recently we kicked off a YouTube channel in which we post short videos about the the #boardgames we enjoy the most. In the first ones I added the VoiceOver myself but recently they got more involved and now their voices explain the game.

The original channel is in Italian but we asked the help of an English family to kickoff the English version of it and here is the link to the first English video.

I hope you will enjoy the channel. I will publish updates when new videos will be available.

In the channel you will find a link to the Italian version in the meanwhile.

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