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Book Reviews

How you can help your team grow in Collaboration thanks to Jean Tabaka

Collaboration Explained by Jean Tabaka is a compendium of knowledge about participatory decision making and more widely about teams dynamics! ...
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How to Conquer Agile Retrospectives thanks to a book

If you want to be serious about facilitating a retrospective you must first read and then use this book! Esther ...
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Dale Carnegie defines influence in everyday’s life

<br /> You need to read this book though it is not a life changer. Dale Carnegie wrote it back ...
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Prioritize Correctly with Impact Mapping – Review and Mindmap

Great book providing the ultimate receipt for effective Product Ownership. The author, Gojco Adzitc, illustrates us how to identify the ...
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Extreme Programming Explained – Mindmap and Review

Reading this book is like having the best mentor you can desire sitting at your side desk. Kent Beck explains ...
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